Tuesday, 20 November 2012

The only child.

I was born nineteen years ago; the only daughter to two amazing people. I came sooner than my parents would have liked, but that didn't mean they would love their little nut "Fred" any less. I was born in Veneto (Italy) and given the name Isabella Loretta Sienna Sorrentino. When I was a few years old, my parents made the very tough decision to move away from their families in order to make a better life for me. We have lived in Newcastle (England) ever since. My memories of living in Italy are little and dim, but we visit often and Skype at least once a week to our family that are living there - meaning I speak fluent Italian. I have hair just below my shoulders that isn't quite brown but isn't light enough to be blonde either, and bright green eyes. The complete opposite to a stereotypical Italian, right? I got a job at Topshop and planned on studying fashion in college, in hopes of becoming a designer in the future. Things changed drastically when I turned seventeen, and I had to leave my job in order to become a mother. I got my own two bedroom house when I was eighteen, and became a mother for the second time a few months after - hence the title of my blog, 'Two Little Birds', meaning my two babies. I am also a single mother. My life is not that exciting and it's definitely not the easiest, but it's my life and I love it. I don't know why I decided to create this blog when I already have one.. A fresh start with a fresh look I guess.